Sunday, February 27, 2011

I NEED to share this with you!

So, yesterday morning as I was signing into one of my Etsy accounts, I noticed the beautiful treasury on the front page, as I usually do. This treasury featured a menagerie of the most beautiful shades of light blue, and for a split second, I saw light at the end of the tunnel and was immediately reminded of Spring. One item in particular caught my eye; it was the most beautifully simple, primitive little robin's egg necklace.


I clicked on the picture, of course, and was taken to a shop called Roscata, run by Rachael. I knew I was in trouble immediately when I looked into this shop and fell absolutely in love with Rachael's miniatures and polymer clay creations. Her shop is absolutely to die for. Here are some of my other favorite items:


Pink and Yellow Cake Necklace Pendant


BFF Frosted Sugar Cookie Necklaces

As you can see, the level of talent and craftsmanship that Rachael executes is immaculate, and not to mention, her shop is simply adorable. I am, obviously, partial to the necklaces, but there is so much more to discover- earrings, purse charms, rings, brooches, and more! Please visit Roscata today and support a wonderfully talented Etsy seller.

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