Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vintage Sewing

I like to sew by hand. I know it takes forever to do things this way, but since I only sew small-scale projects, I figure it's far easier than fiddling around with a sewing machine. In fact, I have a sewing machine, but try as I might, I cannot figure out how to make the darn thing work like I want it to. I seem to start off well and then a few seconds into my sewing, the thread starts to bunch up and I get too frustrated to continue! So one of my new goals this year is to really learn how to use my sewing machine. Wish me luck- I'm gonna need it!

For those of you who actually do enjoy using a sewing machine, I wanted to let you know that I currently have 5 vintage sewing patterns in my Etsy shop Buttons and Lace if they tickle your fancy:

Enter the code: BUTTONS at checkout to receive 20% off your order at Buttons and Lace!
Don't forget that I am giving away a beautiful 1960s vintage sewing pattern this month- contest ends January 29th!

One last thing- I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favorite blogs: Casey's Elegant Musings.
She is a fabulous young woman who loves anything vintage and makes her own vintage clothing from scratch, or by upcycling/refashioning vintage finds. If you love all things nostalgic, please check out her site. It's breathtaking! (disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Casey Brown or her website, and I posted this on my own accord).

I am planning some awesome new posts in the coming days- this site's about to go vintage- full force! So, please stay tuned!



  1. Meg ~
    I love your work and I love the way your blog looks. If you help me design my blog, I will help you with your sewing machine! I think I know exactly why your thread is bunching up on you! You have to adjust your instruments .... :) I hope things are going well - I know the beginning is slow, but hang tight ... GOOD things are coming for you! I've been praying for God to help you and I know He hears me! I love love love you and am so proud of you!

  2. Thank you so much Aunt Jodi! I definitely will be soliciting your advice and I will get the word out about your blog as well. I am already a follower, just in case you didn't know. Email me @ wright.173 (at) wright.edu to let me know what you want as far as design goes and I will see what I can do. Love you!

  3. Hi! I'm following! your dog is PRECIOUS btw ^_^